Sci-fi Con 2023 – Press Release

Sci-fi Con 2023 – Press Release

Officina dei Sogni Press Release about Sci-fi Con 2023

Officina dei Sogni will be at Sci-fi Con 2023, Cancer foundraising event – Relay for life, website

We will be there with two performances:

1) Thunderstruck.
Live music performance with the RL professional violin player and musician Musa inFabula.
On a futuristic night club stage, with two dancers choreographed by Virginia Stella, Musa will give one hour of music, with violin solos, and songs from different genres. From Iron Maiden and AC/DC (yes, with a violin!), to Jazz and pop music.
Musa inFabula is violinist, music therapist and teacher, she studied under the guidance of Maestro Carlo de Martini, Marco Rizzi, Julia Berinskaya. She has collaborated with the Orchestra dei Pomeriggi Musicali, the Verdi Symphony Orchestra of Milan, the Lyric Theater of Spoleto. She was part of the Austrian Youth Orchestra founded by Yehudi Menhuin. She has dedicated herself for years to research and experimentation in the field of violin, collaborating with the Artchipel Orchestra of Ferdinando Faraò and Officina dei Sogni.
Date/time: Saturday April 1st, 11am SLT.
Location: Ancient Aliens Sim:

Thunderstruck poster

2) Pagan Evocation Fantasy – Enanched version
It is not just a dance show: in the two acts that compose it, you will take a journey through pagan cultures, those in which man had not yet lost direct contact with nature, and still felt that he was part of it, that sense of belonging. which in modern society we have now lost. The journey starts from the Swiss Alps, through the myth of the Horse Goddess, and then crosses other cultures: Celtic, Nordic, Germanic, and so on up to the Greek one. Music by: Eluveitie (Switzerland)
With: Epona Exonar, OdetteBK, Kitty Amore, Lyra Breil, Lola Nippo, Musa inFabula
Voice: Ambra Starlet. Lights: Alex Cat.
Written and directed by Virginia Stella, mathematician and modern dance instructor in Switzerland, she has found in Secondlife the way to combine both of her passions. She is the author and designer of all the animations she uses, the author of the scenic sequences, she has already choreographed and directed a large number of classical and modern dance performances in Europe and North America.
Date/time: Sunday April 2st, 1PM SLT.
Location: Alien World Sim

Officina dei sogni

Officina dei Sogni is an international theater-dance company that puts physical reality and virtual reality in dialogue; it presents innovative shows in which the physical reality of the real world mixes and overlaps, until it converges with virtual reality, to the surreal of the technological metaverse of which Secondlife has been the spearhead for the past 20 years.
The viewer, whether in the real world or in the Metaverse, is always offered an immersive experience.