Audience guide and informations

Some tips for audience, for best experience, for best show, for less lag:

  • Arrive early before the region is full so everything can rez
  • Remember: TP inside a region provoke a quick lag spike! So please don’t arrive after the start!
  • Remove AO and sit down
  • When you sit on one of our chairs, you can get (it depends by the sim) a invite for a experience, or two simple invites (one for animations, one for camera), accept them!
  • Turn on music
  • Check your script counter for scripts & memory
  • Remove scripts, HUDs, facelights (Control-O, Wearing)
  • Remove particle generators
  • Turn on Advanced Lighting Model
  • Turn off Water Reflections.
  • Set sky to what the Host or the Automatic Hosting System will say.
  • Turn off nametags
  • Set Level of Detail (LOD) to 4
  • Reduce Draw Distance to 72 (dd 72)
  • Set Max Complexity to No Limit
  • Set Max Avatars to a larger number
  • Derender everyone but dancers
  • Don’t right-click stage or dancers
  • Teleport in your friends
  • Share announcements on Facebook, Twitter, and all social networks.
  • Share photos or videos

If you want or need further informations and/or learn about how minimize lag in your viewer, please follow the Beq guide