It’s time for SL20B.

It’s time for SL20B.

Secondlife 20th Birthday is close, and there is a lot of work for the celebration, all around the grid.
Given the very important occasion, we certainly could not back down. Indeed Officina Dei Sogni will be present with its “Pagan Evocation Fantasy – SL20B Edition“, on the Pink Platform (it’s the Special Performance Stage).
It will be an honor for us to be there and give our best, together with the best of our crew, our “Dream Team”, made up of some of the best professionals in SL: Epona Tigerfish, Icy Zeplin, Lola Nippo, Lyra Winter-Breil, Musa InFabula, Naar Rexen, OdetteBK, Virginia Stella; and of course with our professional staff: Alex Cat, Clarissa Bughuntress, Ambra Starlet.

About the celebration, Linden Lab wrote:

“On June 23rd, Second Life will be turning 20! The 20th annual Second Life birthday celebration (SL20B) will be held from June 22nd to July 11th. Get ready for 20 fun-filled days of live music, performances, shopping, and amazing community exhibits!

This year we wanted a theme that not only reflects on where we have been but embraces where we are going. We are celebrating twenty years of Second Life. That is an amazing realization. Who could have imagined in 2003 the vibrant, engaging, and creative community we are in 2023? We are living the future that was only a dream twenty years ago. Now we are projecting the future we hope”

For this reason, the “Pagan Evocation Fantasy”, written and directed by Virginia Stella, has been redesigned specifically for SL20B, especially in terms of highlighting the dramatic and spectacular moments, without losing its original spirit.
Pagan Evocation Fantasy is a 45 min long show designed and directed by Virginia Stella and her troupe “Officina dei Sogni”.
It is not just a dance show: in the two acts that compose it, you will take a journey through pagan cultures, those in which man had not yet lost direct contact with nature, and still felt that he was part of it, that sense of belonging. which in modern society we have now lost. The journey starts from the Swiss Alps, through the myth of the Horse Goddess, and then crosses other cultures: Celtic, Nordic, Germanic, and so on up to the Greek one. With an eye towards the future, and towards the recovery of our contact with nature.

Production: Officina dei Sogni

Written and directed by Virginia Stella

The show is set for Saturday 1 July 2023, at 12.30 SLT (30 minutes after the noon).
This is the SLUrl: