Breaking the wall! A SL/RL performing art show

Breaking the wall! A SL/RL performing art show

This note is about the show “Breaking the wall: every beginning contains a magic”. It’s time for say something more about it.
The show date is Sunday October 13th 2022, at 8am SLT (17.00 Europe Time).
We will perform the show in the Officina dei Sogni sim and at same time in the real world theatre “San Teodoro”, located in Cantù (Italy – same geographic area of Milan).

Our line up will see five in world dancers, two real life musicians (Paola Tezzon and Giulia Larghi), one actor (Alessandro Iacuelli).
The two real musicians will play live music in the real life theatre, on the real stage, in front of real audience, and at same time their avatars will be automatically scripted for play instruments in-world too. The SL scene will be streamed in the theatre on a cinema screen beside the musicians. The SL part of the show is directed by Virginia Stella.
We will have a actor on stage, he will tell a story about the show to the audience, he will talk with musician between the songs, he will explain something about SL and our world (and he will drive some stuff of ours when in the backstage):

We will have some challenges to do, but the biggest challenge is: we have to convince the audience (who have never seen SL and don’t know what is it) we are really performing live and we are not a pre-recorded cartoon.
We found a way for win this challenge: real life audience must be involved in the show, without a SL account and an avatar.
The goal will be reached in this way: on this web server we have a simple web page, and it was generated a QR-Code for it. In the theatre, audience will find the QR-Code on the chairs, they will scan it with their smartphones, so they will load our web page.
This web page shows some buttons. Tapping on them (on the smartphone!) will cause some effects on our prims and on us, like: light up and down fires, start and stop particles, change background textures, change costume colors, lightnings, and others (I’m still building/scripting a lot of them).
So, people will see they are in control with the smartphones, so the show can’t be pre-recordered.

The show in SL will be recorded.
We are working for record the real world theatre scenes too. So after the show we want produce a machinima film mixing RL scenes and SL scenes.

We will use all the latest SL technology: scripted cameras, camera fading, cam shaking, automatic overloading huds (EHUD), automatic environment changes (EEP), automatic teleports.
The SL show will be not in a SL theatre: it’s sim-wide in the whole sim. RL musicians will play 9 songs in the real concert (about 50 mins). We will alternate: 1 song dancing in a location, 1 song walking in the next location, and we will use a couple of minutes after the walking for change costumes without a stop in the show (the scripted camera will point in another direction).
Each dancer will be “featured dancer” in a scene. There is no any stop between a scene and another, just the walk and/or some camming around with scripted cameras.
At the end of the show, we will do three bows, in the “Officina dei Sogni” tradition, and at this point the dancer will open the mic and give a salute to real world audience saying “Hi from ” or something similar. This will give a final touch of “life” and not recordered. This will give the idea about “beside the avatar there is a real person”.

For now, the “San Teodoro” theatre set up a home page for our show (it’s in italian, but you can use the automatic translation in your browser).

For save the beauty and the originality of the show, we will use almost all stuff built “in-house”, so almost no stuff bought on Marketplace stuff, almost no stuff from other creators.

Break a pixel for us!